top games of 2024

Tekken 8
The Mishimas are back! Tekken’s latest entry explodes with brutal combat, intense rivalries, and the continuation of a legendary family feud. Can you handle the heat?
Fueled by his victory over Heihachi, Kazuya Mishima unleashes G Corporation’s might, waging war for global domination. Burdened by fate and reunited with his lost mother, Jin Kazama stands as the world’s sole hope against his father’s reign of terror.
Key features
-New and returning fighters
-New game, New story
-Exciting new gameplay
-New single player mode “Arcade quest”
-Built for customization

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Immerse yourself in vibrant myths and legends as you soar through time and space in this Persian-inspired adventure. Unleash gravity-defying moves and bend the world to your will in a stylish journey unlike any other.

It is a 2D action-platformer with Metroidvania mechanics. A new character named Sargon with its own timeline and universe.
A Prince of Persia tale unlike any before it…this standalone adventure breaks free from the past, crafting an original narrative while hinting at familiar elements. What secrets lie within its independent story?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Experience the evolution of a masterpiece in FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH. This standalone RPG, crafted by the original team, picks up where the remake left off. Explore uncharted territory, encounter brand-new elements, and witness the heroes journey towards “The Forgotten Capital” from the original classic.

In this standalone FFVII adventure, Cloud and his allies break free from Midgar, venturing into a vast unknown. Every step beyond the dystopian city holds fresh challenges and hidden truths. Can they rewrite their fates and heal their dying planet?

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle

Take control of the iconic archaeologist in “Indiana Jones and The Great Circle,” a first-person action-adventure developed by MachineGames and Lucasfilm Games, with executive production by industry legend Todd Howard. This immersive experience thrusts you into an original story woven within the beloved franchise, filled with puzzles, perilous journeys, and priceless artifacts.
Why play it?

-You are Indiana Jones
-A world of mystery
-Whip cracking action
-The spirit of discovery

Star Wars Outlaws

Blasters blazing, lightsabers humming – dive into the thrilling open world of “Star Wars Outlaws”! Play as Kay Vess, a cunning scoundrel on a quest for freedom. Explore iconic and new planets, battling crime lords, completing bounties, and living on the edge. Will you conquer the galaxy or join its infamous legends? Answer the call, outlaw – the adventure begins now!
Why play it.
-Discover a galaxy of opportunity
-Experience an original scoundrel story
-Embark on high-stakes missions
-Jump into the pilot ship

Dragon’s Dogma 2

Prepare for combat unbound! Dragon’s Dogma 2 throws you into dynamic battles where swords clash, arrows fly, and magick crackles. Adapt your skills to any foe, navigate perilous terrain, and face gargantuan monsters in a world that rewards experimentation with every encounter.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
From the acclaimed Rocksteady Studios, creators of the iconic Batman: Arkham series, comes Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a genre-bending action shooter where a motley crew of villains becomes the unlikely salvation.
Prepare to join Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark, the latest recruits of Amanda Waller’s infamous Task Force X, on a seemingly impossible mission: kill the Justice League. Metropolis lies in ruins, ravaged by the alien Brainiac, and even its former protectors have become twisted threats.
Each member of the Squad boasts unique movement abilities allowing them to freely explore and engage in vertical combat across a war-torn Metropolis. Experiment with diverse playstyles to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies. Tackle this suicide mission solo or with up to three friends online, choosing your own path to victory.


Two brothers, etched by worry, face a shadowed path. Their father, grasped by a cruel illness, clings to life. Only the fabled “Water of Life” hidden within the emerald wilds can save him. Armed with love and desperate hope, they set out, their unique skills their only swords. The elder, a shield against danger, the younger, a whisperer of forgotten tongues. Their journey tests not just their strength, but the very threads of brotherhood. From treacherous peaks to forgotten riddles, each step unveils a tapestry of discovery and loss. Will their love mend the cracks in their bond, or will the wilds claim them both?
Don’t expect an easy stroll through the woods. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake takes the original’s puzzles and gameplay mechanics to a new level of difficulty. Enhanced visuals provide stunning scenery, but also mask treacherous paths and hidden dangers. Teamwork and communication are essential as you guide the brothers through unforgiving landscapes, forcing you to confront your problem-solving skills and highlighting the unique strengths of each brother.

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